Key Services


Internal compliance auditing of operational units and corporate departments.

  • Provides senior management with confirmation of the integrity of their internal financial controls.
  • Undertaken by an experienced Auditor means that their understanding of the business is invaluable in the assessment process.
  • Significant deterrent to potential perpetrators of theft and fraudulent behaviour that could be costly to the business if left undetected.


Risk assessment of all internal financial control systems and procedures relating to the collection, recording and banking of all forms of trading income.

  • Provides senior management with a full assessment of their current controls identifying any weaknesses.
  • Providing practical solutions such as changes in procedures, introduction of new technology, staff training etc.
  • Undertaken by an experienced Auditor and management are presented with easily understandable and practical report.
  • Extremely helpful for existing management as well as new owners, particularly those who have recently purchased a business.


Introduction and design of internal accounting documentation.

  • Provides day to day control and improves efficiency of the trading sites.
  • Provides the central accounts function with the ability to monitor the financial performance of the individual trading units.
  • This is particularly useful to new businesses that do not have effective and appropriate documentation in place.